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Ground-breaking fusion of skincare & makeup using Icelandic Astaxanthin.

Introducing Nibu's Glow Natural, Darker and Deeper Serum – Illuminate Your Beauty Naturally. Our Glow Serum is a radiant fusion of carefully selected botanical treasures, designed to embrace your skin in the gentlest glow. Crafted with precision, this serum boasts a blend of Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Wax, Frankincense, Jasmine absolute, Rose absolute, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, and the powerful Astaxanthin – all working in harmony to deliver a natural shade of luminosity to your skin.

Key Features:

Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Oil Elegance:
- Balanced Hydration: Jojoba oil and rosehip oil strike the perfect balance, ensuring your skin receives intense hydration without feeling weighed down.

Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil Harmony:
- Nourishing Duo: Coconut oil and hemp seed oil provides a nourishing embrace, enriching your skin with essential fatty acids for a healthy and vibrant complexion.

Vitamin E's Protective Aura:
- Antioxidant Shield: Vitamin E contributes to the serum's antioxidant profile, creating a protective shield against environmental stressors for radiant and resilient skin.

Jojoba Wax and Natural Glow:
- Subtle Radiance: Jojoba wax imparts a subtle radiance, allowing the serum to blend seamlessly into your skin, unveiling a natural glow that enhances your beauty.

Essential Oils Extravaganza:
- Frankincense's Regal Touch: Frankincense adds a touch of regality, promoting skin regeneration for a timeless glow.

- Jasmine Absolute's Elegance: Jasmine Absolute brings an elegant fragrance and contributes to skin elasticity, enhancing your skin's youthful appearance.

- Rose Absolute's Timeless Beauty: Rose Absolute supports hydration and toning, unveiling the timeless beauty of your complexion.

- Neroli's Calming Aura: Neroli's calming properties create a tranquil experience, offering a moment of relaxation in your skincare routine.

- Ylang Ylang's Floral Symphony: Ylang Ylang adds a floral note, contributing to the overall sensory delight of the serum.

Astaxanthin's Luminous Signature:
- Youthful, Natural Glow: Astaxanthin, with its vibrant antioxidant properties, imparts a youthful, natural glow to your skin. In Glow Natural, we've carefully curated the Astaxanthin percentage to create the lightest shade in our Glow Serum collection, ensuring that the glow is subtle and suits all skin tones.

Revitalise your skincare ritual with Nibu's Glow Natural Serum – a harmonious blend of nature's finest, celebrating the essence of your skin's inherent beauty. Embrace a radiant, natural glow that enhances your unique luminosity. Discover a new era in skincare – Nibu, where nature illuminates.

Discover the Nighttime Elixir of Radiance with Nibu Glow to Sleep Night Oil. Immerse yourself in a luxurious blend of nature's finest essences, carefully curated to elevate your evening skincare ritual. Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute and Astaxanthin weave a tapestry of calming and rejuvenating aromas, fostering a serene ambiance for restful sleep.


Shake the bottle vigorously before use and apply the desired amount of drops to your face and neck whilst slightly damp. Blend in well and wait a couple of moments for the serum to dry in. You may dab your face with a tissue to wipe away any excess moisture. 

Finish with a drop of Luna Glow to your cheeks for extra radiance.


You may also like to try adding a drop of Luna in Bronze to your serum to create a light foundation base.

Use within six months of opening. 

What is included

  • One 15ml Glow To Sleep
  • Select One 15ml Glow Natural, Darker or Deeper 
  • Select One 15ml Luna Glow Highlighter in English Rose, Golden Delight, or Bronze Chic


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