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Digestive Care Probiotic Paste for Cats & Dogs


A probiotic paste for cats and dogs aiding in digestion

Digestive Care is an oral paste which contains prebiotics, probiotics and bentonite clay. Bentonite clay can help calm digestive upset by acting as a binder. Probiotics are important in restoring beneficial flora in the gut while prebiotics provide nourishment for the growth of these bacteria. 

It is available in 30ml and 60ml calibrated syringes making administration easy for any size cat or dog.

Directions for Use:
Administer orally for as long as considered necessary

     0-15kg           15-30kg        30+kg

     3ml                  5ml               7.5ml

twice daily     twice daily      twice daily

30ml                     30ml                60ml


How to Administer:

Gently depress the plunger until the required amount is reached. Dispense onto the animals feed or directly into the mouth.

1. For first time use, adjust the dial to the required amount.

2. For further use adjust the dial in increments to the required amount.


Duration of Use:

30ml paste

     0-15kg           15-30kg        

     5 days             3 days               

60ml paste


      4 days

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