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Doggie Fibre


Fibre Care contains soluble and insoluble fibre, probiotics, prebiotics and bentonite clay. Providing enough fibre in a pet’s diet helps support normal digestive function, balance levels of water in the intestines and firms up faecal matter. Adequate fibre can also reduce the need for anal gland emptying as it increases natural expression.

irections for Use:

Give level scoops daily with food in accordance with the weights


       <5kg                     5-19kg                   20-34kg                     35+kg

1/2 - 1 scoops        1 - 2 scoops            2 - 3 scoops             3 - 4 scoops


How to Administer:
Add to food


Duration of Use:

500g powder

       <5kg             5-19kg           20-34kg       35+kg

    80* days        40* days       28* days     21* days


*If using the maximum recommended

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