Nibu was birthed from the heart and soul of 51 year old Nici Burns. Bringing the foundations of youth into your every day through supportive ingredients and a spiritual attitude.

Handcrafted on the Wirral Penisula, England, Nibu’s products are multi-purpose, synergistic blends of therapeutic-grade oils, plant botanicals, and algae for wise women and men that can be used for body, mind, and spirit.

Nici always had a passion for skincare. A clean beauty enthusiast, Nici felt that advances in marketing were unaccompanied by advances in efficacy. The promises of new products all seemed to fall flat. Consumers were longing for real results, and Nici set out to create a game-changing line that redefined clean-beauty standards.

The astaxanthin powering Nibu’s formulations and responsible for tinting the products with their beautiful glow is sourced from Israel using the Arava desert’s sunlight where the manufacturing process is completely sustainable, relying on power generated in a solar panel farm. The microalgae cultivation displaces no crops, utilises carbon dioxide, and creates only oxygen as waste. It is a genuine ecological crop.

And of the past few decades, science has affirmed what Nici and her tribe have always known. Astaxanthin has unparalleled health and wellness properties
Before starting Nibu, Nici, a mother and grandmother, at the age of 35 I was diagnosed with lupus and from that point, she realised that she needed to do all she possibly could to make herself feel both mentally and physically stronger as she did not want this disease to take over her life.

She began researching self-healing using the Earth’s most precious and natural remedies. This in turn led her to study and understand how we can slow down the signs of ageing through alternative therapies, the correct nutrition, and lifestyle factors.

After years of perfecting and analysing the results and benefits to her skin, Nibu was created. Every product is handmade with love and passion in the hope of enhancing your daily skincare routine. Her mission is to set you up for your day-to-day life with a spring in your step and a glow on your face.

Since launching Nibu, the brand has become one of the most decorated in the clean beauty space. Her formulations break through the clutter of the clean and conventional beauty landscape. Nibu is changing the clean beauty landscape – one formulation at a time.

P.S. She still hand makes 80% of her products at home.